Harris Tweed: The Mother of all Wools

Harris Tweed: a staple of Scotland and now famous name in the world of fabric. Its origins date back centuries ago when farmers used to hand-weave the fabric to use as protection against the harsh coastal climates of Northern Scotland. With such high quality, the islanders used to trade any excess fabric for barter. 

The fabric has a distinct feel: it's rugged, durable, full of texture, and colorful. There are so many things that make this fabric so special and one of the only all natural farm-to-fabric. So much so, in 1933 an Act of Parliament was passed to protect its quality and is still exclusively hand-woven by islanders in the outer Hebrides of Scotland. 

We managed to get our hands on some unique patterns we thought lived up to the Depuis Toujours standards and we will continue to source the finest fabrics we can get our hands on to create some of the most unique hats you'll find. 

Unlike most other woven wools originating from Scotland, Houndstooth is one of few patterns that seem to have not belonged to a single family clan. The Macintoshes, Mackenzies, and Andrews all had their own family tartans. Originally worn by shepherd's as an outer garment, this now modern and universal pattern only hit the public fashion scene in the 30s and is a staple in today's wardrobe. Thank you, Scotland.

Multicolor Herringbone Plaid is a mouthful, but we promise, this hat is worth every syllable. Woven in Scotland, this is one of the most special patterns we've come across during our tenure. Colorful, bold, and cozy for those colder months when you don't want to wear a beanie. You'll definitely want to add this one to your rotation

An instant classic: our Royal Stewart Tartan Holiday 6-panel cap. It is said that Royal Stewart Tartan is the personal tartan of Queen Elizabeth II. But the Scottish Register of Tartans has decided to extend Her Majesty's good taste to all - we're thankful for that decision. Imported directly from Scotland, this is the mother of all wools. Timeless, bold, and one of our best selling hats. 

Styling: Ricardo Jean-Louis (@blqvizion)

Models: Ricardo Jean-Louis (@blqvizion)

Photographs by: Ivan Lanz (@ivesmatik) & @issue.91


"New Drip Alert"

- Keyoki B.

"Feeling like I'm strolling through a field of daisies"

- Guy C.

"Beautiful hat"

- Leopoldo T.R.



Greek-born to Egyptian parents, founder and designer Michael Henein spent the majority of his life traveling and moving around the world. His international upbringing and love affair for all things 60s-80s, are the driving forces behind Depuis Toujours' inspiration.


We work with the highest quality manufacturing partners to ensure a premium and consistent product that we stand behind. We're proud to keep production stateside and support our local community. Our headwear-specialized manufacturing partner has been family-run since the 90s.


We scour the globe looking for the best fabrics and mills to work with from Italian imported cotton velveteens to Japanese corduroys; Harris Tweed imported from Scotland and U.S. houndstooth and herringbone wools.


Depuis Toujours (French for "since always") is a unisex clothing brand specializing in headwear and founded by Michael Henein in Brooklyn, NY in 2019. Born in Athens, Greece to Egyptian parents and with an international upbringing, Michael was exposed to various qualities and aesthetics, especially in Greece and Egypt, that stood the test of time. He started Depuis Toujours in 2019 as an ode to forever; to bring to life that nostalgia for past decades through reminiscent fabrics, silhouettes, and details and to celebrate the unique character and timeless beauty of things that age.


Depuis Toujours is largely inspired by a time when Fiat 500s reigned supreme and Cairo was nicknamed the Paris of the Middle East.